Knights Of Columbus
Bowling Association of Ohio
Invitational Tournament

Dear Brother Knights,
Welcome to the Ohio Knights of Columbus Bowling Tournament website.
The 99th State Bowling tournament is now completed.
Thank you to all bowlers for your participation.
Official scores are posted for each event with the "All Events" page
containing the scratch scores for every bowler.
The 2017 Official standings booklet has been sent to your council.
The 100th Knights of Columbus State Bowling Tournament will be
held in Columbus, OH. Saturday, March 17 through Sunday, April 22
The tournament will observe both the Easter Triduum, the weekend of
March 31 and April 28-29 with no tournament dates scheduled. We will have May 5-6 as an emergency date.
2018 Hotel and Bowling Alleys are listed for your convenience on all official documents sent to your Councils.
Please start now and ask your council members to join us in Columbus for the one-hundredth tournament next year.
Thank you again and have a great summer.
Patrick Fahy, Secretary